I have worked in law for over 12 years, and I found yoga 8 years ago when I was looking to keep fit. Turns out it gave me this and so much more. Yoga is the best stress relief, as it allows me to put everything else aside for that hour. I really enjoy the fitness element – especially as it calls on my dance background of flexibility and balance.

The style of yoga that I love to practise is one where I can really push myself. Having to concentrate on the tough, or “peak”, poses means that my mind doesn’t have time to wander. I love trying new poses, and I’ve improved so much faster practising this style than I did in any other style.

As my life has become busier (my 2 year old daughter contributes a lot to that!), I have found that having the time to myself to “reset” using yoga is ever more important, and I love sharing that with other people.